In todays video I caught Lil Huddy cheating, Patrick and Calvin surprise Kouvr with a Pony, Paper puts a hole in my wall, I have a psychic read my roommates future, We get a puppy, and Jack and Sienna have their first argument...

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  1. Richa Patel

    Richa Patel

    15 days ago

    Nick: is there a weight limit😂

  2. Jacqueline Perez

    Jacqueline Perez

    27 days ago


  3. D.M Dyllan

    D.M Dyllan

    27 days ago

    Me waiting for the old outtro song

  4. _Maliyah _Clay

    _Maliyah _Clay

    Month ago

    how you repay your teacher? ...

  5. Alias Rodriguez

    Alias Rodriguez

    Month ago

    Bro he had toilet paper and a laptop on his bed

  6. Joselyn Groige

    Joselyn Groige

    2 months ago

    Who is your brother?

  7. Potter head here obviously

    Potter head here obviously

    2 months ago

    Siennas talk with him was hilarious

  8. Caitlyn Wenzon

    Caitlyn Wenzon

    2 months ago

    Michael be like chase now you mine . Because he took him

  9. Henry Danger

    Henry Danger

    2 months ago

    I can't get in to your merch

  10. Kaylin Smith

    Kaylin Smith

    2 months ago

    BAHAHAHAH * 1000000999834988548 years later * *alex warren posted a new vid* *calvins not a virgin*

  11. Alex Davidkov

    Alex Davidkov

    2 months ago

    If you didn’t drop out of high school maybe you would have learned about plagiarism👍🏼

  12. Danelle Pillay

    Danelle Pillay

    2 months ago

    Anyone else notice he's werering lover boy merch in his merch plug

  13. Zaf Bi

    Zaf Bi

    2 months ago

    I love chase's fave at 3:42

  14. Starr Lee

    Starr Lee

    2 months ago

    Why chas eso cute

  15. Charlotte Carpenter

    Charlotte Carpenter

    2 months ago

    I love his outro but I didn't know that the beginning said got this soda like ok cool lol

  16. mila aspinall

    mila aspinall

    3 months ago

    anyone watching this in 2021 and nowing calvins still a virgin lol!!

  17. Emma Warren

    Emma Warren

    3 months ago

    when the title cheating I thought it meant cheating on a girl.

  18. bertram winkle

    bertram winkle

    3 months ago


  19. Vanessa Ibarra

    Vanessa Ibarra

    3 months ago

    Am I the only one who noticed the toilet paper on Michaels bed😂 0:40

  20. Kylie Okeefe

    Kylie Okeefe

    3 months ago

    Alex: did u use your phone Chase: no

  21. Mallorie Stafford

    Mallorie Stafford

    3 months ago

    Bring Kouvr over to my house for animals! 😂 Patrick and Calvin 😂😂😂😂

  22. Lucia Vargas

    Lucia Vargas

    3 months ago

    Michale is cute]

  23. Merary Rubio

    Merary Rubio

    4 months ago


  24. Zuzanna Stadnik

    Zuzanna Stadnik

    4 months ago

    If chase is that smart, why can't he open a school

  25. Ava-lynn Cunningham

    Ava-lynn Cunningham

    4 months ago

    I can’t wait until Alex says in his intro and this is my wife kOver

  26. Pelin Ozen

    Pelin Ozen

    4 months ago


  27. Paula :)

    Paula :)

    4 months ago

    I am in school watching this cuz school is boring

  28. Gloria Alvarez

    Gloria Alvarez

    4 months ago

    Wtf MichaeL! 😅😅🤣🤣🤣

  29. Aaliyah McQuillan

    Aaliyah McQuillan

    4 months ago

    pause at 3:54 chases face 😂😂

  30. Dea Mare

    Dea Mare

    4 months ago

    Michael is 🔥🥵🤭☺️

  31. Amarna Hawks

    Amarna Hawks

    4 months ago

    What I do with letter test is I spell ABACDABA

  32. Islaz gaming

    Islaz gaming

    4 months ago

    1:05 that kind me later 😌😌

  33. Minty FN

    Minty FN

    4 months ago


  34. Lacey Epley

    Lacey Epley

    4 months ago

    I can’t have your murch bish

  35. Rainbow Sprinkles

    Rainbow Sprinkles

    4 months ago

    When ever I watch his vids my parents always ask me am I okay because I am laughing to much🤣🤣

  36. Luke Ulrich

    Luke Ulrich

    4 months ago

    Love the vid bro

  37. Lia Wagner

    Lia Wagner

    4 months ago

    Ngl Alex is funny as heck ,love his videos

  38. Jenira Isahia

    Jenira Isahia

    4 months ago

    Chase's high school teacher lookming this video belike:🧿♟🧿

  39. amie ogg

    amie ogg

    4 months ago

    My nose fucking hurts now cause I was drinking juice when he was pill dancing and I laughed it went up my nose

  40. Jessie Martinez

    Jessie Martinez

    4 months ago


  41. Jessie Martinez

    Jessie Martinez

    4 months ago

    I have replayed the falling part 30

    • Jessie Martinez

      Jessie Martinez

      4 months ago


  42. The prince family Fans

    The prince family Fans

    4 months ago

    Dude Ween I’m said I watch his videos and I get so happy and laughing 😂 a lot 😭😂

  43. Marbella Burgueno

    Marbella Burgueno

    4 months ago

    Michael is cute🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️😍😍

  44. Ciara Callanan

    Ciara Callanan

    4 months ago

    My name is “Ciara”

  45. Marina W

    Marina W

    4 months ago

    i love the fact that Michael is literally like a high school boy. he had an xbox controller, a roll of tp, and a puff bar on his bed 😂

  46. free edits :D

    free edits :D

    5 months ago

    how is chase so cute without even trying?

  47. Herobrine Sus

    Herobrine Sus

    5 months ago

    Who else saw the vape @1:03

  48. Madison Hufnagel

    Madison Hufnagel

    5 months ago

    POV: I wish I was one of Michael teachers

  49. Grace Russo

    Grace Russo

    5 months ago

    Ok I get a commercial on SATs while watching this! Lmao 😂

  50. Nikola Hricova

    Nikola Hricova

    5 months ago

    Can u we just appreciate that calvin wore at mask at the beginning

  51. Itz_bella_boo45


    5 months ago

    The boilers 🙂😂😂

  52. Kaylea Gunderson

    Kaylea Gunderson

    5 months ago

    Chase is my fav he’s so funny

  53. Laya Reynolds

    Laya Reynolds

    5 months ago

    Ok can we take the time to admire Chase’s face

  54. An ja

    An ja

    5 months ago

    These are the shortest vlogs I’ve ever seen but the best

  55. Mary Kay Schmitt

    Mary Kay Schmitt

    5 months ago

    Wait does chase have a Hogwarts tattoo on his arm

  56. Myleen Lemus

    Myleen Lemus

    5 months ago

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxtg😳 I fell asleep in this is what I wrote

  57. Abbi Rozman

    Abbi Rozman

    5 months ago

    Sienna giving me a pep talk: 2:22

  58. Matthew Richards

    Matthew Richards

    5 months ago


  59. Ohhana


    5 months ago

    4:15 And this is why you souldnt drop out of school

  60. Sylvia Richards

    Sylvia Richards

    5 months ago

    the way Chase said no

  61. Destiny Williams

    Destiny Williams

    5 months ago

    Calvin's cute as xoxo

  62. Leilani Esera-luke

    Leilani Esera-luke

    5 months ago

    Best poll dancing I've seen 👌🏼💀

  63. — Holiday

    — Holiday

    5 months ago


  64. — Holiday

    — Holiday

    5 months ago


  65. — Holiday

    — Holiday

    5 months ago

    Your Vlog aren’t funny

    • Kaitlyn Kelly

      Kaitlyn Kelly

      5 months ago

      Then don’t watch him

  66. Unanimous Chinchilla

    Unanimous Chinchilla

    5 months ago

    Damn the title really got me

  67. Ayomide Awomolo

    Ayomide Awomolo

    5 months ago

    im dying 2:40

  68. Timber. Girl

    Timber. Girl

    5 months ago

    Omg I just noticed this was made on my bday🥺🤞🏼❤️ also your my fav USgoner

  69. Chloe Padgett

    Chloe Padgett

    5 months ago

    Everyone knows you only put see Michael please 🙄 🤚

  70. Leaver Hearn

    Leaver Hearn

    5 months ago

    Two funniest best friend wish to be couple is Michael and Paper ❤️💙😜😂🤣

  71. Nikita Sch

    Nikita Sch

    5 months ago

    check out my new game about hype house members :

  72. Josue The Beast

    Josue The Beast

    5 months ago

    Chi papi monyayo

  73. Alex O

    Alex O

    5 months ago


  74. simkhael kusuma

    simkhael kusuma

    5 months ago

    Hahahaahah on off the best intro

  75. karlie


    5 months ago

    Micheal is so under appreciated. I love that man on another level

  76. AvaniFan


    6 months ago

    It me b day tomorrow Pls reply

  77. reaper79


    6 months ago

    Why is there toilet paper on micheals bed. On the army guy part

  78. mystery


    6 months ago


  79. levina


    6 months ago

    alex: “u think u can do poll dancing” topper: “fck yea i can do” also topper: * breaks the pole, and dents the wall *

  80. Marian Havrilla

    Marian Havrilla

    6 months ago

    Ollie is my puppies names

  81. K


    6 months ago

    i got the merch!!!

  82. summer games

    summer games

    6 months ago

    I love how in his intro kouvr is a young Carol Baskin

  83. Stephanie Henning

    Stephanie Henning

    6 months ago

    wow im glad to hear that outro song havnt heard it in a while feels good to have that song back doesnt it

  84. Maddie Jane

    Maddie Jane

    6 months ago

    Ok ok but why does nick kinda look like young Leonardo DiCaprio?!

  85. Leyla Ozbalci

    Leyla Ozbalci

    6 months ago

    bro why are ur vids so fucking hsort

  86. Khadija Ahmed

    Khadija Ahmed

    6 months ago

    Funny funny alex😌😂😂

  87. Ibrahim Haroon

    Ibrahim Haroon

    6 months ago

    Or just don’t give the SAT because that shit is pointless now

  88. Devin Ayala

    Devin Ayala

    6 months ago

    I wish the vlogs were more natural...these bits are not my fav at all

  89. Yaz Mia

    Yaz Mia

    6 months ago

    the cutest part: 3:53

  90. Kiera Hutton

    Kiera Hutton

    6 months ago

    My name is Kiera lol

  91. kim Ervin

    kim Ervin

    6 months ago

    did i just realise that patrick and chase are actualy really cute

  92. Jowita Ostalczyk

    Jowita Ostalczyk

    6 months ago

    alex: michael answered all 'a' michael: i know that at least one of them is 'a' alex: michael got '1' micheal: i fucking told u one was going to be 'a'

  93. Jowita Ostalczyk

    Jowita Ostalczyk

    6 months ago

    the way chase was like looking around and said no its the no for me

  94. Brianna Trejo

    Brianna Trejo

    6 months ago

    i just love how patrick and calvin do whatever lol

  95. Cooper Lockwood

    Cooper Lockwood

    6 months ago

    The old outro song is back... let’s goooo

  96. ꧁kenzje꧂ 86

    ꧁kenzje꧂ 86

    6 months ago

    omg i took the SAT the other day and im in 7th grade😭

  97. Niamh Carr

    Niamh Carr

    6 months ago

    Wait in the us ur test questions are multiple choice luckyy

  98. Mihira Krothapalli

    Mihira Krothapalli

    6 months ago

    michel i did the exact same reading SAT test as you lol

  99. itsgalaxy TV

    itsgalaxy TV

    6 months ago

    Ew what's with the thumbnail idek why I clicked on this stupid video

  100. Sarah Daniels

    Sarah Daniels

    6 months ago

    Kouvr is so pretty