In todays video My girlfriend Kouvr and I are pregnant for 24 hours, Patrick and Calvin wrestle an MMA Fighter, Michael is an overprotective parent and I surprise Bryce Hall.

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  1. CassiePlaying


    10 hours ago

    What I learned from Alex thumb nails might not be real

  2. Keegan Warrick

    Keegan Warrick

    2 days ago

    Michael in the beginning said flint Lockwood

  3. Clarisa D

    Clarisa D

    13 days ago

    The Bryce hall song though is 100% accurate

  4. lets play

    lets play

    15 days ago

    I wish Alex would do longer videos

  5. Carla Allen

    Carla Allen

    15 days ago

    Alex you should ask Kouvr to marry you for real

  6. Elizabeth Flow

    Elizabeth Flow

    17 days ago

    "Kick his ass" dude I'm dying of laughter

  7. Shelbie Schaudt

    Shelbie Schaudt

    21 day ago

    That car has no shocks

  8. Madelyn Hines

    Madelyn Hines

    21 day ago

    That first part tho😂

  9. YMDDT


    Month ago


  10. carleigh Cheverie

    carleigh Cheverie

    Month ago

    when i’m sad i come here and this is my face before and after 😢🤣that is what it’s like

  11. Miraculous


    Month ago

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought kovur was actually pregnant lol

  12. Don't post

    Don't post

    Month ago

    No kidding i lov e d the song no jok3

  13. Reanna Davis

    Reanna Davis

    Month ago

    Have kouvr be pregnant for 24 hrs and you guys actually go out in public

  14. Zodiax


    2 months ago

    bryce hall? more like bryce walker.

  15. Mama Bear

    Mama Bear

    2 months ago

    Look at the bright side ....where lmfao 👏😮👏

  16. jaxon tiktok's

    jaxon tiktok's

    2 months ago

    Yo ur hilarious

  17. Maribel Canales

    Maribel Canales

    2 months ago

    Im the biggest simp for michael....

  18. Brianna Baugh

    Brianna Baugh

    2 months ago


  19. ShriShri Mittal

    ShriShri Mittal

    2 months ago

    Bryce hall part was so funny Bryce hall Bryce hall so funny I love their singing the people who sang it

  20. Jaelee Flynn

    Jaelee Flynn

    2 months ago

    When they were superheroes and he screamed at the cat 😂

  21. Rachelle Holterman

    Rachelle Holterman

    2 months ago

    I liked the song at the start lol

  22. Winni McCullough

    Winni McCullough

    2 months ago

    Iii Alex and k0ver

  23. Ainsley Flower

    Ainsley Flower

    2 months ago

    That punch was birth in a nutshell. Now imagine that pain for upwards of 9 hours straight. Also periods. Get punched like that for 4 hours a day for a week

  24. Esther lawson

    Esther lawson

    2 months ago

    pls does anyone know the outro song

    • Esther lawson

      Esther lawson

      2 months ago

      the one before it

  25. Annika Rosales

    Annika Rosales

    2 months ago

    My uncle has a 3 cars like that and in a group

  26. Michael Spencer

    Michael Spencer

    2 months ago

    spiderman (patrick): kick his ass

  27. Sydnie Fuller

    Sydnie Fuller

    2 months ago

    Make sure you don’t “create a toxic environment” for your friends or you’ll get canceled

  28. Sasha Stelmas

    Sasha Stelmas

    2 months ago

    HAHAHAHAH "I don't need a helmet"

  29. Sasha Stelmas

    Sasha Stelmas

    2 months ago

    omggg what is the song called at the end when they are riding in the car!!!!

  30. Nayelie abrego

    Nayelie abrego

    2 months ago

    Like me

  31. Nayelie abrego

    Nayelie abrego

    2 months ago

    Kids watch your videos Alex

  32. _Alyssa_


    2 months ago

    I herd the song and now I love morbid mind

  33. nutella nardelli

    nutella nardelli

    2 months ago

    Was I the only one hoping this would still say my wife kouvr

  34. Joel Morales

    Joel Morales

    2 months ago

    This is the reason that I unsubscribed your videos are dumb bro have a baby for 24hr wow



    2 months ago

    You should let Michael beat up him

  36. cora davis

    cora davis

    2 months ago

    I was full blown wheezing. “My safe word is pumpernickel” 😂😂

  37. Shutey


    2 months ago

    That is not we’re near how being pregnate feels lol



    2 months ago

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  39. vannia bautista

    vannia bautista

    2 months ago

    The outro song.... I need it 😩

  40. Reagan Beard

    Reagan Beard

    2 months ago

    omg michael as a dad- ..... Thats sad tho he just wants a manz

  41. Jlynn Brecht

    Jlynn Brecht

    2 months ago

    i lowkey- want them to adopt me for 24 hours

  42. M Beatty

    M Beatty

    2 months ago

    They roasted Bryce Hall lmao 😂

    • M Beatty

      M Beatty

      2 months ago

      It was so funny

  43. Aasif Ackerdien

    Aasif Ackerdien

    2 months ago

    guess how much times bryce was dissepionted

  44. Amy Ladner

    Amy Ladner

    2 months ago

    So they aren’t really married?

  45. emie rose

    emie rose

    2 months ago

    “you ready to push?” alex- ...”what does that mean?” I DIED

  46. emie rose

    emie rose

    2 months ago

    the bryce hall song is my fav

  47. lolololo hi x

    lolololo hi x

    2 months ago

    he changed it from “this is my wife kovour” to “this is my girlfriend kovour” damn it

  48. Mafe Barrios

    Mafe Barrios

    2 months ago

    Where did kouvr get the joggers from?

  49. my name the last one

    my name the last one

    2 months ago

    Who is we??

  50. gabriella padilla

    gabriella padilla

    2 months ago

    God that shit was funny as hell I would never want you to give birth for real

  51. Ariel Silvan-Duran

    Ariel Silvan-Duran

    3 months ago

    The car with the hydraulics is so sick

  52. Marquion


    3 months ago

    I’m curious if anyone else is kinda falling in love with Kouvr as much as me?

  53. Carol Hartman

    Carol Hartman

    3 months ago

    Abc for a kid

  54. Roblox Random's

    Roblox Random's

    3 months ago

    Jesus Christ is king 👑✝️😊🙏👑❤️ and he loves ✝️😊🙏👑❤️👑 and when u talk about GOD don’t leave out he’s WRATH bc it is to powerful and it is to disrespectful for us to us so ✝️😊🙏👑❤️👑❤️

  55. Rylee Munoz

    Rylee Munoz

    3 months ago

    I was waiting for it to say “ and this is my wife kouvr “

  56. ryan


    3 months ago

    not the air forces ALEX

  57. Allie Petersen

    Allie Petersen

    3 months ago


  58. nailea


    3 months ago

    nobody: Patrick: *waves to nobody* .... *i was the water guy*

  59. Never_ Aariii

    Never_ Aariii

    3 months ago

    Can we talk about their room it’s soooooooo pretty

  60. Allyson Oliva Lopez

    Allyson Oliva Lopez

    3 months ago

    I Saul on the bedroom and I hope all the DIY Picture frame I hope you and kiss me I could dinosaurs coming.

  61. Boba_playz peace

    Boba_playz peace

    3 months ago

    Who knows the outro song

  62. Boba_playz peace

    Boba_playz peace

    3 months ago

    I haven't watch this in a long time

  63. isobel airey

    isobel airey

    3 months ago

    they really be turning into a family channel ._.

  64. AwesomenessTV


    3 months ago


    • lolololo hi x

      lolololo hi x

      2 months ago


  65. Rhiana Lamar

    Rhiana Lamar

    3 months ago

    Caption - "were pregnant for 24 hours" the video - 4 mins long

  66. april maccarone

    april maccarone

    3 months ago

    Is it just me or did it look like Patrick had makeup on?????

  67. -October.Octopus-


    3 months ago

    Noooooo I’m so sad cause it says girlfriend not wife,😭😭😢😢

  68. Brianna


    3 months ago

    I feel bad for Bryce 😂😂😂

  69. Khalia Pie

    Khalia Pie

    3 months ago

    What happened to and this is my wife kouvr

  70. Luvlee Crump

    Luvlee Crump

    3 months ago

    Alex gives me good vibes idk

  71. Lily Yue

    Lily Yue

    3 months ago

    Ye Bryce seemed mad but to be fair he deserved it

  72. Eja


    3 months ago

    Water painting or pictures in the bedroom are bad fengshui for finance related. Just FYI.

  73. Desley Fa'afoi

    Desley Fa'afoi

    3 months ago

    don't be shy, put that song about bryce hall on spotify right now 😂

  74. hailey faber

    hailey faber

    3 months ago

    Your clogs are my favorite now

  75. Allyson Hanson

    Allyson Hanson

    3 months ago

    Kouvr looks so cute pregnant

  76. chloe thibeault

    chloe thibeault

    3 months ago

    Micheal’s pretty when he was in the car

  77. Anya Mehay

    Anya Mehay

    3 months ago

    Patrick will forever be water boy

  78. victoria morales

    victoria morales

    3 months ago

    vinnie needs to be my personal trainer

  79. Rozie Yost

    Rozie Yost

    3 months ago

    In the blooper at the end kover looked like she was so done with there BS

  80. Kimberly Balk

    Kimberly Balk

    3 months ago

    Bryce hallllll

  81. It’s peachy Bloc’s

    It’s peachy Bloc’s

    3 months ago

    Is Charley d’emelio ded I need to know so I can cry and if not I will cry for no reason

  82. stupid foot

    stupid foot

    3 months ago

    patrick looks like charlie puth we need a " he met his lookalike " video

  83. Naomi De Pedro

    Naomi De Pedro

    3 months ago

    So many girls like pactrick and calvin because l saw this video and the comments were l like clavin or patrick

  84. YeahTube


    3 months ago

    Me:Mom can we have "daviddobrik" Mom:We already have "daviddobrik" at home The daviddobrik at home :

  85. Georgia Trace

    Georgia Trace

    3 months ago

    I liked it better when the intro said kouvr was you wife

  86. emmaleigh Taylor

    emmaleigh Taylor

    3 months ago

    get the monkey that can play ping-pong against Calvin

  87. Robin Reynolds

    Robin Reynolds

    3 months ago


  88. romeo spence

    romeo spence

    3 months ago

    Lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  89. alicia michael

    alicia michael

    3 months ago

    omg the way kovr is sitting for ur thumbnail is the way calvin was sitting in hes first vid on his channel :)

    • alicia michael

      alicia michael

      3 months ago

      if that made sense

  90. Hannah Humayun

    Hannah Humayun

    3 months ago


  91. Ellie Anna fan Bamboo

    Ellie Anna fan Bamboo

    3 months ago

    :bryce it was you f u

  92. brittney miller

    brittney miller

    3 months ago

    Michael tho 😍🥵

  93. 文莉喬


    3 months ago

    I like how they start beef and then hang out like nth happened 😂

  94. Caity Taylor

    Caity Taylor

    3 months ago

    Is it just me who realised patty was wearing makeup

  95. Emily Serrano

    Emily Serrano

    3 months ago


  96. Alexia Marie

    Alexia Marie

    3 months ago

    The bryce hall song took me out 💀💀💀

  97. jacky tran

    jacky tran

    3 months ago

    🎶Bryce hall, bryce hall, are you cheating, bryce Hall?🎶

    • jacky tran

      jacky tran

      3 months ago

      🎶whatever it takes🎶

  98. Cora Lee

    Cora Lee

    3 months ago

    I was the water guy Lmao

  99. paige hope

    paige hope

    3 months ago

    Im sorry but like why does bryce hall look like he could sing every justin bieber song

  100. Pedro Pazquett

    Pedro Pazquett

    3 months ago

    I wish l can go to the hype house

    • Pedro Pazquett

      Pedro Pazquett

      3 months ago

      Hi guys let me know if you like the hype House